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It was an odd thing.
Goddess, Silence, Magic
elfshadow wrote in burnt_offerings
I was looking at a holo-map in the Lunatic Café‘s Playground, trying to find that bitch, Lilith. She’d tricked Weirdbard and managed to rip his heart out.


But that wasn’t the odd thing.

The odd thing wasn’t that the whore had the gall to do it now that I’ve been promoted. Or that Bard had fallen for her trap.

The odd thing was who was coming with me.

Sitting on some playground generated seats were, Buffy Summers, Agent Kita, Xander Harris, my sidekick Allison Warren, my best friend Raina, and her boyfriend Iceman.

My head hurt.

Newbies were Kita and Xander. It wouldn’t be so bad if it were a Xander I knew well. But this one had done such a profoundly stupid thing that none of the Xanders I knew would do.

Kita, I didn’t know real well. But she had guts, and a shining soul. She’d offered to help, and we were going to need all the help we could get.

Buffy.. She wasn’t my student. But this one was my friend, and she had skills she knew other Buffys didn’t have, simply because of the way the previous deity who had my portfolio treated her.

I wish we had more back up.

We were going to have to go to Hell.

Every single deranged level.

I looked around and pointed to a spot on the map. “Ladies and gentlemen. That’s the elevator to Hell. We broke it the last time we went.”

Kita frowned. “If you broke it, how exactly are we going to get in?”

Raina grinned. “That’sthebestpart. Silcanteleportusthere.”

Xander raised a hand. “Okay, I didn’t understand a word of that.”

Bobby Drake, Iceman, snickered as Raina glared at Xander. “She said Sil can teleport us.”

“Okay, so Sil can port us there. Why do we need to know about the elevator?” Buffy asked.

Alli rolled her eyes. “Cause that’s where we’re gonna enter.” She pointed to the papers the newbies had been given. “Didn’t you read up?”

Xander held up the thick stack of papers. “This? We didn’t have time! It’s HUGE!”

“I read it.” Buffy smirked. “Know your enemy, Xand.”

He looked depressed at her semi-cold tone.

I shared a look with Raina and Bobby.

::This isn’t going to go well.:: I said telepathically.

Bobby nodded. ::Luci is going to love this.::

::He’s going to eat this up.:: Raina added.

Yeah.. If he didn’t eat us first.

We were so screwed.

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this is crazy. it is strang to put people like buffy in but for god sake not Raina, anyone but her. i hate her soooo fucking much that i can taste it!!!! Raina died but still did not "die" so no more of her. gerrness*heavy breathing* no more i am BEGGING you!!!

I think you have Rainas confused as well as the purpose of this community.

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